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Don't let those holiday pounds sneak up on you!

You can eat good and stay healthy this holiday season. Here at Saguaro we believe in treating yourself during the holidays but keeping smart choices in mind. Our staff agreed that this particular shop is a great choice for the holidays!

The Tamale Store

WHAT ARE THEIR TAMALES MADE OF?? Maiz and Spice and Everything Nice! No Junk there! Their tamales are lard and shortening free, Gluten free, Preservative free, Soy Free, and MSG free. They are all handmade from scratch daily. They are a small batch company and do not use large machinery or mixers. Just good ol' fashioned elbow grease!  They believe that handmade is the BEST and ONLY way. All of their tamales are 1/2 pound each and are GENEROUSLY filled! We know you'll love their masa...but they do not skimp on the fillings!

Love #tamales? Good news!

Eat good at

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